Our Story

Why Jersey Initiatives

When you take initiative, you take charge and create action. It means you have courage and strength to see things through to the very end. It's about taking the first of what will be many challenging steps to come. Each step you take is with focus, intention and hope that it will continue to bring you closer to your purpose or goal.

My Story


  • 15+ executive and senior HR management
  • Experience managing teams and
    working across the USA, UK, EU., NZ and AU.
  • Qualified Executive Coach
  • Bachelors in Management
  • Masters in Human Resources
  • YA 200 HR 

Growing up in New Jersey and starting my work life in New York City, I learned very quickly the reality of corporate life in American. How one must devote their life and in some cases well-being in order to progress forward or make a difference.

The story I tell is one that is becoming more and more common.  I was working a high-powered corporate job that was exciting and engaging. Corporate life required that I constantly think two to five years in advance, which eventually led to my inability to be present and enjoy other aspects of my life. Most importantly I was beginning to forget who I was and who I wanted to be. When I took stock of my life, I realised I was not in good health, either physically or mentally. I was having trouble digesting food, continuously getting sick and mentally not well. I didn’t have any mental space left as all of it was being directed in one direction.

My lifestyle and choices all contributed to what was my first encounter with the big D word. To learn that I could potentially live with this for the rest of my life was a scary thought. 

Journey Begins

The only option I could take was to change everything in my life that was creating my current level of mental thinking. So, the journey began and I dove into my unconscious mind to start deprogramming everything from the inside out.  

Deciding to leave the corporate world was a hard decision and most thought I was nuts (some still do).  I left an awesome company and job to become a yoga teacher, but I was determined. So, off I went to Hawaii for yoga teacher training. 

I felt both challenged and liberated after I returned to NZ three months later. To find comfort in what was very uncomfortable took a lot of work. It meant that I had to challenge everything that I thought I knew and take things one step at a time as if I was a complete beginner.

Still a Beginner

Some of the hardest lessons I've learned about life were after I returned from Hawaii. I recognise that there is still more to learn and work to do. I accept that my journey will continue, evolve and provide many more challenges and difficult times.