Gen Y Fusion

1. Are your workplace demographics changing?  
2. Do you feel that your workplace is ready to transition to modern norms?
3. Is there conflict between the Boomers, Generation X's and Generation Y's?  
4. Are you challenged in attracting and retaining Generation Y's?
5. Is your workplace ready and adaptable for a cultural transition?

If you answered YES to one of the above questions you could benefit from my expertise and help in this area. I'm on the cusp of Generation X and Generation Y and I've worked with Baby Boomers. Most recently I worked as the GM of People & Culture for Vend HQ, a global technology company which has won numerous awards for its culture and innovative achievements. 

My expertise lie in designing assessments which identify where your culture sits and what strategies, behaviour or cultural changes are needed to achieve your desired outcome. I can partner with you to help in the execution of some of these strategies, or simply provide you with recommendations. 

Please take a look at this video of a Generation Y workplace and see how it compares to your organisation. 

You could of course do nothing and let your culture involve organically, or contact me for some help. In 5-10 years statistics indicate that 70% of our workplace is going to be made up of Generation Y's. Is your workplace and team ready for this transformation?